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The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Eighth 10

Madness: One Step Beyond (1979) Now here’s a band that embodies some serious contradictions.  Barely evident here, but just lurking beneath the sunshiny ska-pop, the manic tomfoolery and the brash borrowing of styles, is a nagging melancholy that, while kept on a tight rein early in their career, would fully flower on later releases.  It’s […]

The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Seventh 10

Weather Report: Heavy Weather (1977) “Birdland” is such a terrific opening track, and a great way to introduce what would be a more accessible and hooky jazz-fusion blend than was the case for previous Weather Report releases.  I can’t say that jazz fusion is really my strong suit, but I just had to include this […]