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The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Last 10

Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate (1971) Leonard Cohen stands outside of most popular music experience.  His music is classifiable – it has elements of folk and the troubadour tradition, and fits more or less comfortably into the singer-songwriter movement of the late Sixties and early Seventies – but it doesn’t really belong.  The […]

The Recommended 100 Nineties Albums – Last 10

Le Tigre: Le Tigre (1999) Looking into the reasons Kathleen Hanna had for taking this particular excursion from Bikini Kill is illuminating, but it doesn’t capture what it was about Le Tigre that grabbed me.  Hanna had reached her thirties when this was released, but it sounds exactly like the kind of album a bunch […]

The Recommended 100 Nineties Albums – Ninth 10

Beth Orton: Central Reservation (1999) I wondered for a while what exactly it was that was so familiar about this album – something nagged away at me that I couldn’t quite grasp.  It wasn’t Orton’s smoky voice, which has its own distinctive nature that isn’t really evocative of anything in particular.  Second track “Sweetest Decline” […]

The Recommended 100 Nineties Albums – Eighth 10

The Clouds: Penny Century (1991) You’d be hard pressed to come up with any female Australian artists from the Nineties who were taken seriously.  the roll-call of males is impressive, from Peter Garrett to Paul Kelly to Robert Forster to Steve Kilbey to Ed Kuepper and so on and so on.  I have a copy […]

The Recommended 100 Nineties Albums – Seventh 10

Depeche Mode: Violator (1990) I was there for every stage of Depeche Mode’s evolution, without ever taking much notice of them.  They’re the kind of band who show up on every ‘alternative’ music show without ever being quite alternative enough to be cool.  Well, that was true for much of the Eighties at least.  “Just […]

The Recommended 100 Nineties Albums – Sixth 10

You Am I: Hi Fi Way (1994) Australian pop/rock had a terrific adolescence in the Eighties.  Of course there were good-to-great Australian bands prior to the mid-Seventies, but as an industry  there was a kind of birth around the time of Skyhooks and Sherbet, and a mad, unhinged childhood ensued, most of which was documented […]

The Recommended 100 Nineties Albums – Fifth 10

Happy Mondays: Pills ‘n Thrills ‘n Bellyaches (1990) More than any other track, the one that exemplifies this album is “Step On”.  In fairness, there really is no ‘atypical’ track – this is a very tight set of songs with little wriggle room and no inclination to ‘explore’ and expand. You may not notice it […]