The Recommended 100 2000’s Albums – Second 10

Q-Tip: The Renaissance (2008) Q-Tip had to endure nearly a decade of label-issues following the dissolution of A Tribe Called Quest, the highly influential Nineties rap act. It’s a bit of a mystery exactly what happened there (officially, it seems the labels weren’t happy with the product he was serving up), and it’s not as […]

The Recommended 100 2000’s Albums – First 10

I have a feeling this collection is going to be a bit more ‘eclectic’. Not by design, either. It’s just that finding a set of ‘recognised’ albums universally agreed on is becoming more difficult the more recent the period. It was hard enough in the Nineties, which at least had a few genuine touchstone recordings.  […]


A list of the 100 albums I’ve covered, with links to each page, plus the reference/notes I’ve written regarding the decade.   Reference and Notes Page – Eighties My shortlist of albums you probably already know enough about, and my general impressions of the decade   ALBUMS Note – The albums aren’t arranged in preferential […]


As with the other decades, here’s a list of the big-ticket Eighties albums you probably already know of.  I’ll list them briefly, with a suggestion that if you don’t own them you should.  In no particular order, they are: Michael Jackson – Thriller Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA Prince – 1999 Prince – […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Last 10

Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation (1988) I really am a slow learner. After a moderately adventurous attitude in my teens, I spent my twenties believing that love of the chart pop of my youth plus reverence for Dylan/Young/Stones/Zeppelin were enough to get by; and in my thirties all I did was search for the most […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Ninth 10

The dB’s: Stands For Decibels (1981) I suppose the dB’s must have modelled themselves somewhat on Big Star, because I keep reading it everywhere, but I can’t hear it. ‘She’s Not Worried” for instance, seemed to be sourced from British pop psychedelia, or even Pet Sounds era Beach Boys. To me Stands for Decibels, for […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Eighth 10

Divinyls: What a Life (1985) In an era when Australian music was starting to impact internationally, and was generally gaining more critical acceptance, the Divinyls found themselves left behind. One of the major contributing factors was that, after an extremely promising beginning – shanghaied onto the soundtrack of the film Monkey Grip on the back […]