Eighties Reviews

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Ninth 10

The dB’s: Stands For Decibels (1981) I suppose the dB’s must have modelled themselves somewhat on Big Star, because I keep reading it everywhere, but I can’t hear it. ‘She’s Not Worried” for instance, seemed to be sourced from British pop psychedelia, or even Pet Sounds era Beach Boys. To me Stands for Decibels, for […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Eighth 10

Divinyls: What a Life (1985) In an era when Australian music was starting to impact internationally, and was generally gaining more critical acceptance, the Divinyls found themselves left behind. One of the major contributing factors was that, after an extremely promising beginning – shanghaied onto the soundtrack of the film Monkey Grip on the back […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Seventh 10

The Smiths: The World Won’t Listen (1987) We’re looking here at one of the most consistent musical acts of the decade – you could literally throw a dart at a set of their albums and have it hit a collection of songs you can confidently recommend.   But by the same token, there isn’t a Smiths […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Sixth 10

INXS: The Swing (1984) The early to mid Eighties were full of moments where an artist you were aware of would come out and surprise you by ramping up in quality or taking a left turn.  I’ve mentioned the king of the transformations, Tom Waits, already.  But there were others – Dire Straits with “Private […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Fifth 10

Flowers: Icehouse (1980) Icehouse (known as Flowers until shortly after the release of this album) are the sort of band you could almost reduce to a best-of and leave it at that.  Iva Davies wrote for the charts, even if he was aiming at ‘meaningful’ pop some of the time.  Generally speaking, his good songs […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Fourth 10

Split Enz: True Colours (1980) It’s not that often you come across an album in which every song could legitimately be released as a single.  True Colours comes very close, the only thing preventing it being the two instrumental numbers, which are both excellent in their own ways regardless.  The other nine tracks are superior […]

The Recommended 100 Eighties Albums – Third 10

Pretenders: Pretenders (1980) From the first bars of “Precious”, you know what you’re in for.  This is rock delivered direct and basic.  It’s restless and drives you down a few alleys before the trip is over, but you never quite lose the connection to punky rock, the pub rock sound that provided a hallmark of […]