Seventies Reviews


A list of the 100 albums I’ve covered, with links to each page, plus the reference/notes I’ve written regarding the decade   Reference and Notes Page My shortlist of albums you probably already know enough about, and my general impressions of the decade   ALBUMS Note – The albums aren’t arranged in preferential order.  They’ve […]


I’ll begin with a short list of albums that I won’t need to review – a few multi-platinum megahits and obvious choices.  You can take it as read that I like these ones, and you’ll no doubt be well aware of them.  They are, as follows: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon Fleetwood […]

The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Last 10

Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate (1971) Leonard Cohen stands outside of most popular music experience.  His music is classifiable – it has elements of folk and the troubadour tradition, and fits more or less comfortably into the singer-songwriter movement of the late Sixties and early Seventies – but it doesn’t really belong.  The […]

The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Ninth 10

Steely Dan: Pretzel Logic (1974) You can’t mistake the Steely Dan sound.  You could even take out Donald Fagen’s distinctive ironic vocal delivery and it would still be there, a complex formula (flexible too) but every bit as identifiable as the imprint of Chinn/Chapman, or Stock/Aitken/Waterman.  It’s that sound – a kind of jazz/pop synthesis […]

The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Eighth 10

Madness: One Step Beyond (1979) Now here’s a band that embodies some serious contradictions.  Barely evident here, but just lurking beneath the sunshiny ska-pop, the manic tomfoolery and the brash borrowing of styles, is a nagging melancholy that, while kept on a tight rein early in their career, would fully flower on later releases.  It’s […]

The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Seventh 10

Weather Report: Heavy Weather (1977) “Birdland” is such a terrific opening track, and a great way to introduce what would be a more accessible and hooky jazz-fusion blend than was the case for previous Weather Report releases.  I can’t say that jazz fusion is really my strong suit, but I just had to include this […]

The Recommended 100 Seventies Albums – Sixth 10

Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Kate and Anna McGarrigle (1975) This one needs a few listens to really sink in.  The folk singing of these Canadian sisters is pure and unadorned, and the emotions they convey are direct and unapologetic; it’s a distillation that’s a little heady on first acquaintance.   It possesses a suggestion of the […]